Beach Package I


Comes with:

1 – 7.5′ Umbrella

1 – Umbrella Anchor

2 – Backpack Chairs

2 – 42 Inch Body Boards

Exceptional Value Package.




Backpack Beach Chair × 2

Standard Backpack Beach Chair. The majority of our chairs are lay flat Tommy Bahama's, but we may substitute others depending upon demand. You will get a backpack chair regardless.

7.5' Foot Beach Umbrella

7.5' Beach Umbrella

Mike Spike Anchor

Mike Spike Umbrella Anchor Must have an umbrella rental

Body Board 42.5" × 2

Bigger Board for the bigger kid in all of us. For up to 250# 'kids'. No rental company has these here. We're the first. Nice fast slick bottoms. You'll pay $50 or more in the beachwear stores for this board. Comes with coiled leash.

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