About Us

Thanks for considering Sandlappers as your supplier for your beach equipment needs! I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Kevin Godwin and I have lived here at Ocean Isle Beach since 2000 and I absolutely cannot think of any other place I would rather live. I have served in the retail and customer service industry for over 25 years. I always wanted to step in and expand my entrepreneurial spirit, so I decided to start Sandlappers Beach Supplies, LLC.

With Sandlappers, our rates are weekly only. That helps us in keeping our costs down as compared to my competitors, and trust me, renting for a few hours or a day or two isn’t as much fun as when you say to yourself, “ya know, for a few dollars more, I could have had it for a whole week.”

We are the ONLY vendor around that offers you multiple styles of chairs and loungers as well as in umbrellas, from 7.5' to 9 ft.

You will find my pricing to be the most competitive, guaranteed! No one else offers you the same value as Sandlappers. Shop and compare, you will quickly find I have the best deals going on Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach.

Get the Three R's

Rest, Relax, Repeat!