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Sandlappers Beach Supplies

Sandlappers Beach Supplies offers the lowest prices and quickest delivery of rental beach equipment in Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach, NC!   We offer Beach Umbrella Rentals, Linen Rentals, Baby Item Rentals, Bike Rentals, Kayak Rentals, Grill Rentals & more.   We offer our Premium Daily Setup & Take-Down service for less than anyone in the area.

We are the ONLY dealer in the area carrying the 9 Foot and 11 Foot Umbrellas that include Daily Setup & Take Down Service.  Also for 2021, Premium Bed Linens.


Get the Three R's

Rest, Relax, Repeat!

Beach Gear Rentals

We've got you covered, no matter what you need! Get the best beach gear for your whole family.

Bicycle Rentals

Ready to take a ride on the beach? Or maybe just cruise around town? We've got your wheels!

Linen Rentals & Baby Item Rentals

Want to be sure you and your family have a great stay? Then be sure you have the cleanest, freshest items possible.

Kayak Rentals

No matter what your idea of fun on the water is, we have something for you!  Hit the beach, and the water this summer!

Ocean isle Beach Setup and Take Down Rentals

Gas Grill & Charcoal Grill Rentals

Sunset Beach Cabana Rentals



11 foot umbrellas

Hey Sandlappers.  Our new 11 Foot Umbrellas are on the way and we’re excited to showcase them.  We will soon be taking new pictures of them as well as a lineup of one sitting beside a 9 foot and a 7.5 foot umbrella so you can really get a feel for how big they really…
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Setup & Take Down

We will be offering a limited amount of chairs in the two styles of Backpack & Premium Beach Chairs.  Please reserve early as these chairs will reserve quickly and once they’re gone, they’re gone.
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Setup & Take Down Service for Beach Chairs and Umbrellas

We have what you want and we’re the least expensive dealer in the area with a larger selection of chair styles and umbrella sizes.  We have your regular backpack beach chairs and premium beach chairs.  In addition we also have 7.5 foot umbrellas, 9 foot market umbrellas and new for 2021, 11 foot market umbrellas. …
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