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Sandlappers Beach Supplies



Sandlappers is closed for the 2020 Season.  The Website will be open for orders on January 1st, 2020.

Sandlappers Beach Supplies offers the lowest prices and quickest delivery of rental beach equipment in Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach, NC! We offer rentals on equipment ranging from beach chairs and loungers, beach umbrellas, beach carts, grills, bicycles, kayaks, body boards, paddleboards, linens, baby items, Cabanas and more.


Get the Three R's

Rest, Relax, Repeat!

Beach Gear

We've got you covered, no matter what you need! Get the best beach gear for your whole family.


Ready to take a ride on the beach? Or maybe just cruise around town? We've got your wheels!

Linens and Baby Items

Want to be sure you and your family have a great stay? Then be sure you have the cleanest, freshest items possible.


No matter what your idea of fun on the water is, we have something for you!  Hit the beach, and the water this summer!

Ocean isle Beach Setup and Take Down

Sunset Beach Setup and Take Down Umbrellas & Cabanas



Cabana Rentals in Sunset Beach

Rent your cabana Cabana today.   Sunset Beach has voted in commercial vendors for 2020.  Now you can once again enjoy your shade spots.  Inventory is limited so don’t miss out.
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Our New Premium 9 foot umbrellas are here

The MORSHADES are GONE FOREVER.  The manufacturer of those products really oversold them to us in stating on their website they could withstand up to 30 mph winds.  Such a lie.  Those things barely could do 15.  So we spent a few months designing our own and lucky us got a local manufacturer to build…
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New Umbrellas coming for 2020

Well, 2019 was another ‘learning year’ for us in regards to products.  We ventured into a new umbrella called a Morshade.  The Morshade Company owner surely marketed this umbrella to be sold but unfortunately had a terrible design.  They claimed the umbrella could withstand up to 30 mph winds, when we barely could get it…
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