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Sandlappers Beach Supplies

Sandlappers Beach Supplies offers the lowest prices and quickest delivery of Beach Equipment Rentals in Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach, NC!   We offer Beach Umbrella Rentals, Sheets & Towel Rentals, Baby Item Rentals, Bike Rentals, Kayak Rentals, Grill Rentals & more.   We offer our Premium Daily Setup & Take-Down service for less than anyone in the area.

We are the ONLY dealer in the area carrying the 9 Foot and 11 Foot Umbrellas that include Daily Setup & Take Down Service.  We offer our most popular 7.5' Umbrella with daily Setup & Take Down Service at only $120, our competition is $135.  We save you money.


Also for 2021, we have ALL NEW BED LINENS and these are premium 250TC sheets.   Out with the old and in with the new.


Get the Three R's

Rest, Relax, Repeat!

Beach Gear Rentals

We've got you covered, no matter what you need! Get the best beach gear for your whole family.

Bicycle Rentals

Ready to take a ride on the beach? Or maybe just cruise around town? We've got your wheels!

Sheets, Towels
& Baby Items

Want to be sure you and your family have a great stay? Then be sure you have the cleanest, freshest items possible.

Kayak Rentals

No matter what your idea of fun on the water is, we have something for you!  Hit the beach, and the water this summer!

Ocean isle Beach Setup and Take Down Rentals

Gas Grill & Charcoal Grill Rentals

Sunset Beach Cabana Rentals



Just some update on what you get from us

Hi Folks.  Every year we buy substantial amounts of new products, ranging from chairs, umbrellas, grills, etc.  This year, the tariff’s have finally hit and boy are they spanking us financially on every level.  Our prices have increased a few dollars here and there where necessary.  I do want to touch on a few things…
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New Chaises for 2021

Hi Folks, We have purchased new Strap Lounger/Chaises for the upcoming season.  We had waffled on whether to bring them back due to the expense of the chaises and having so few of them but there is a demand for those few and they are back.  Don’t forget, if you’re interested in our 11 foot…
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Top Vacation Spot in NC | Ocean Isle Beach

Ocean Isle Beach, NC has been a top vacation spot for many people far and wide. With so many things to do and beautiful landscapes to enjoy, it’s no wonder Ocean Isle Beach & Sunset Beach have been family vacation destinations for generations. From the peaceful, uncrowded beaches to the relaxed casual atmosphere of the…
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