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Just some update on what you get from us

Hi Folks.  Every year we buy substantial amounts of new products, ranging from chairs, umbrellas, grills, etc.  This year, the tariff’s have finally hit and boy are they spanking us financially on every level.  Our prices have increased a few dollars here and there where necessary.  I do want to touch on a few things…
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New Chaises for 2021

Hi Folks, We have purchased new Strap Lounger/Chaises for the upcoming season.  We had waffled on whether to bring them back due to the expense of the chaises and having so few of them but there is a demand for those few and they are back.  Don’t forget, if you’re interested in our 11 foot…
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Top Vacation Spot in NC | Ocean Isle Beach

Ocean Isle Beach, NC has been a top vacation spot for many people far and wide. With so many things to do and beautiful landscapes to enjoy, it’s no wonder Ocean Isle Beach & Sunset Beach have been family vacation destinations for generations. From the peaceful, uncrowded beaches to the relaxed casual atmosphere of the…
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Get them while they last

Hi folks, The new 11 foot umbrellas are flying off the shelf, literally, lol.  Please remember you are renting ‘shade’ not an umbrella.  11 foot umbrellas have over 90 sq feet of shade.  Just think, it’s ‘almost’ like having a 10 x 10 pop up tent on the beach (tents are banned at OIB), but…
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New Kayaks For Rent!

We have added to our inventory a bigger and more extreme kayak, The Perception Rambler.   This baby is HUGE.  It comes in at 77 lbs, has a weight capacity of 550 lbs. can carry 2 adults plus one child.  This thing is 13.5′ long.  It literally makes our Tandem Ocean Kayaks look ‘small’, lol. …
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11 foot umbrellas

Hey Sandlappers.  Our new 11 Foot Umbrellas are on the way and we’re excited to showcase them.  We will soon be taking new pictures of them as well as a lineup of one sitting beside a 9 foot and a 7.5 foot umbrella so you can really get a feel for how big they really…
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Get the Three R's

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