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Weather Alert for 5-19-2023

Hey Folks, yesterday the weather folks got the forecast correct as around noon, it just lightly rained off and on the rest of the day.  Today, we are not so much concerned with the wind but the continued forecast for on-again/off-again rain.  Rain doesn’t hurt the beach gear of course.  We just don’t want to…
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Weather alert for Setup Services for 5-18-2023

NOTE:  Weather forecast today is for sporadic light showers, rain typically isn’t an issue, however the more concerning part is the high winds forecast.  Our insurance company outlines ‘for us’ as how to mitigate risks of high winds with beach umbrellas and this is outline on Terms & Conditions so customers know what to potentially…
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Heads up for Cabanas/Tents at Sunset Beach

Hi All, We no longer are offering tent service at Sunset Beach as it just became too much involvement to monitor weather and winds and then the infamous battles with so many when we have to remove them early from the beach.  We do offer umbrellas for rental and drop off only.  No set-up service…
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We are looking forward to seeing you in 2022

Let’s get right to it.  We have refurbished all of our bikes.  New grips on the handlebars, new tires (be ready for alot of yellow, lol), new chains, wheels (where needed) and new crank-sets and center-bearings where needed.  All of these bikes can go to either Sunset or OIB.  OIB however is getting all new…
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Video of how to install a beach umbrella

View the videos below to see just how simple and easy it is to install your own beach umbrella in less than 60 seconds. Click here to see video on how to install your own umbrella:     9 foot market umbrella setup      
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Just some update on what you get from us

Hi Folks.  Every year we buy substantial amounts of new products, ranging from chairs, umbrellas, grills, etc.  This year, the tariff’s have finally hit and boy are they spanking us financially on every level.  Our prices have increased a few dollars here and there where necessary.  I do want to touch on a few things…
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