26″ Adult Bikes for Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach

Please read below before ordering:

Folks, Our bikes are PREMIUM bikes. All Aluminum Frames, rustbuster chains, padded seats, stainless steel spokes and aluminum rims with thumb release adjustable seats.  I want you to know this because our bikes aren’t rust buckets that other vendors carry or Walmart bikes that get flat tires left and right.  In addition, we are the ONLY dealer that includes Bike Locks with our bicycles.  If you want less quality then rent elsewhere, if you want quality then please reserve. and…PLEASE RESERVE EARLY…we have 30 bikes and they go quick.  26″ Adult Bike. These are unisex bikes so they accommodate both men and women. Bike locks are included.

These bikes are our refurbished bikes, new tires, chains, wheels and axles where needed.

Basket’s can be rented separately as BASKETS ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH RENTALS.

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