Bikes for Sunset Beach or OIB

Bike Rentals for Ocean Isle Beach & Sunset Beach


BIKES ARE NOT TO BE RIDDEN ON THE BEACH STRAND.  Over the years we have had to do significantly greater upkeep and maintenance than required due to bikes being ridden on the beach strand and into the surf as it will literally ruin the chains.  All bikes have stickers that state “DO NOT RIDE ON BEACH STRAND”…please observe that rule.  Please keep bikes cleaned, rinse off with hoses under most houses.  Bikes picked up that are caked on with sand will be charged a $10 cleaning fee.

Please sit to pedal the bikes.  Do not STAND UP ON THE PEDALS to pedal the bike.  These are Cruiser bikes..not BMX bikes.  250lb. Weight Limit. 

Basket’s can be rented separately as BASKETS ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH RENTALS.


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