4 Burner Gas Grill

For the large families that need a bigger grill, then this is it. Over 600 inches of cooking space. Large 4 burner Gas Grill just right for family size grilling. No one beats our pricing on grills. Yes, GAS is included, but only 1 tank.  If you run out, you must call us for a replacement tank at a cost of $30.  DO NOT TRADE OUR TANKS IN, otherwise you are subject to the replacement cost of the tank at $40 plus the amount to fill it.  Also please note.  We do NOT provide brushes, spatulas, tongs, etc.  The majority of beach houses have these items in their kitchens and if not, then you’ll have to buy what you need locally.  We stopped providing utensils years ago because every week, we were having to buy and replace utensils because customers would leave them in the house or they’d just go ‘missing’.


If grill is NOT getting to temperature, ex. 450 degrees then chances are the burners flames aren’t high enough,  Please do the following:

  1.  If  it’s windy outside, that could be 99% of the problem.  High winds makes it difficult, but if all 4 burners are burning an inch and  half flame off the burner tube then it’s working properly.  If the the grill is struggling to get to 350 degrees and it’s not windy then follow the next step.
  2.   Turn off all  burners.
  3.   Turn off valve to tank.
  4.   Unscrew regulator at tank and remove fully.
  5.   Open all valves to burners and let the lines bleed off any gas/pressure for a couple of minutes.
  6.   Turn off valves.  Screw Regulator bank onto tank and open tank.
  7.   Re-Light grill.

This should solve your heating problem.  These Grills are mass produced in China and the regulators aren’t the best but the cheapest thing on it.  That’s just the way it is.  What happens is the regulator will sometimes ‘freeze-up’ and it takes a couple to 3 minutes for the diaphragm to ‘thaw’.  I’ve been dealing with grills since the 80’s so I do know what I’m talking about.  Please NOTE:  If you call us for a service call and you’ve not performed these troubleshooting points, we will tell you that you must do this first.  If  a service call is made and we are able to perform the same trouble-shooting techniques as outlined here and the grill is operational, you will be charged a $35 service call fee.