Storm/Wind Alert for 6-22-23


As is typical at the beach, a forecast storm is in works for between 10 to 12 noon today.  In addition to higher winds this afternoon.  While we are setting up on time this morning the umbrellas will be left in the ‘down’ position today.  If you raise your umbrella then do so carefully and be sure that you do not lift the umbrella out of the hole as you will need to maintain the depth at which we placed them.  The 9 ft. umbrellas take a bit more effort but if you raise them then you MUST LOWER THEM DOWN IF YOU LEAVE THE BEACH, also, be sure to put the pin back into the pole on the 9ft to secure the pin.  Lost pins cost you$5.  Our umbrellas will not blow away when in the down position.  This is critical so they down flying down the beach.


In addition, please expect an early take-down service today due to high fore-casted winds for this afternoon.  The forecast is usually lower as this is a beach environment and typically we see winds 3 to 5 mph higher on average on the beach strand.  We are required by our insurance carriers to have policies in place to somewhat guarantee beach safety for everyone on the beach strand.