New 11 Foot Umbrellas are coming

Hi Everyone,


We are happy to announce we are making new moves in 2021.  We will be concentrating on being able to move faster with setup and take down services now consisting only of Umbrellas.  That’s right.  Umbrellas ONLY.  I know many of you enjoyed the chair setup service but ultimately, chairs have been slowing us down so much and having to hire so many people just to accomplish the goal of getting all the items on the beach was getting to be overwhelming.  Chairs are all under 10 lbs and are easy to carry by anyone.  We recognize the convenience of having someone else do it for you.  There is another vendor here who set’s chairs up and it’s crazy expensive on his side.  Their starting package is $60 for up to 4 chairs and once you go to the 5th chair it becomes $120.00.  We somewhat model what he charges but that is ridiculous.  We hope that you will see this as a minor inconvenience but see it as a plus as it will result in cost savings for you, as on the 7.5′ umbrellas we are actually reducing the costs of Setup on those.

We appreciate your understanding as just doing umbrella setups will allow us to get quicker placement of umbrellas on the beach versus having to do so many ‘gopher runs’ back and forth at beach accesses, which is time consuming.  In order to keep our prices down, we elected to find an easier path, thereby reducing your costs and saving you money.

I also wanted to help you understand the difference in SHADE.  You’re not renting an umbrella, you’re renting SHADE.  A 7.5′ umbrella is ‘domed’ across the top.  Because of that dome you lose about a foot of shade, leaving you with a 6.5 foot circle.  Let’s do some math.  That’s about 33 square feet of shade.  Now a 9 foot is different as it’s a ‘market style’ and it is measured straight across because well, it opens up straight across and those have almost double the square footage of a domed umbrella and come in at 63 sq. ft.  The monster 11 foot umbrellas come in at 95 sq. feet of SHADE.  I want you to know this so that you can better be able to get an idea of how many people you can fit.