Heads up for Cabanas/Tents at Sunset Beach

Hi All,

We no longer are offering tent service at Sunset Beach as it just became too much involvement to monitor weather and winds and then the infamous battles with so many when we have to remove them early from the beach.  We do offer umbrellas for rental and drop off only.  No set-up service for Sunset, only OIB.

BIG CHANGES at Sunset Beach though.  In February, Town Council further restricted tents being setup to right of 3rd street to the pier.  Now it may not seem like much of an issue but between each access you could only get 7 tents up as per the Town’s Ordinances regarding clearances.  Those extra 14 tents that would have been placed between right of 3rd and left of 1st street will now be PUSHED DOWN to encroach further eastward.  It doesn’t sound like a big deal but trust us, it is a BIG DEAL.  Space is already very competitive between 1st and 8th streets in the summer time and now it will be even more competitive.  Just think, all you folks that are staying on 1st street and 2nd street will now have to walk down up to 400 feet from 1st to left of 3rd street and that is the gamble as you may not even find space at 3rd…you could find yourselves further down from 3rd to place your own tent.  Not to mention, companies will be having the same problem.  Last year we had to literally be on the beach at 6 a.m. to ‘stage’ our tents just to get spacing and sometimes that didn’t happen and we’d have to move customers an access or two away…so for those of you staying from 1st to 3rd  street during the ‘season’..be forewarned if you want a tent.  Things will be different this year.